Company On-Site Evaluations or at the OCTI Forklift School – $25


Individuals receive written documentation of Good, Fair or Poor rating on the following:

  • Operator Behaviors – Daily Checklist, Looking for damage, etc.
  • Picking Up a Load – squaring up on the center of the load, leveling the forks, etc.
  • Traveling – maintaining a safe speed, observing rules, slowing down at corners, etc.
  • Putting Down a Load – determining sufficient clearance, squaring up, etc.
  • Parking – fully lowering the forks, neutralize the controls, set the brakes, etc.
  • Fueling & Battery Charging – engine off, determining fire extinguisher nearby, etc.

** Companies must have a minimum of five (5) students for off-site company forklift evaluations.
** In-House Corporate Forklift Instruction – Certification, Re-Certification & Post-Accident Re-Certification – $50/hr per instructor